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VISX pioneered the development of excimer laser systems and remains an industry leader in quality and innovation. Their ActiveTrak” system not only provides the best in safety, accuracy and comfort, but it is the system that doctors have trusted in over 2 million procedures. Moreover, the VISX Corporation is dedicated to significant research and development; thereby continually improve technology and processes, resulting in meaningful improvement in clinical applications - and better vision.

VISX laser systems have features that translate into several advantages for our patients:

  • VISX laser systems produce some of the smoothest surface on the cornea after the procedure. Smoother ablations, as they're known, promote faster healing and result in better vision.
  • VISX laser systems allow our doctors to track your eye movement in all three dimensions during the treatment, for greater control.
  • VISX laser systems achieve an optical zone that may result in reduced problems with night vision.
  • VISX ActiveTrak™ laser systems produce seven variable sized beams, giving the doctor greater flexibility and allowing for a faster, smoother treatment with precise corneal shaping.
  • VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time, which enhances comfort and may reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

VISX has an exclusive focus on laser vision correction technology, combined with a history of excellence in design and rigorous FDA approvals.

Seven Beam Scanning: The new systems, the STAR S3™ and STAR S4™, use an array of seven beams to create a 6.5 millimeter-wide ablation area. The seven beams polish the surface of the cornea, resulting in the smoothest treated surfaces available.

Dependability and Performance: The VISX STAR™ platform's heritage of dependability and performance is well recognized in the industry. The S3 and S4 excimer laser systems have automatic chair alignment for both eyes, horizontal alignment capability and offline programming. In addition they have the following features:

  • Variable Spot Beam Technology: Variable-shaped beams ranging in size from 0.65 to 6.5 millimeters are scanned and offset to allow personalized refractive treatments. Exclusive SmartBeam™ technology adjusts beam size according to treatment, minimizing corneal tissue removal.
  • ActiveTrak™ 3-D Active Eye Tracking: The only laser system that can capture all three dimensions of intra-operative eye movements without the requirement of pupillary dilation.
  • Larger Ablation Zones: VSS™ (Variable Spot Scanning) technology adds a blend zone that increases the ablation zone by 51%, increasing the overall diameter of the ablation to 8 millimeters.

  • Iris Registration
    As of December 2005 Dr. Schuster was the first surgeon in the southwest to use the state of the art VISX Star S4 IR.  The Visx Star S4 IR allows for a more accurate alignment and compensation of what is called "cyclotorsion". In cyclotorsion sometimes the eye rotates clock-wise or counterclock-wise from seated to lying position . The laser carefully detects a pre scanned infrared image taken during the preoperative measurments. At the time of surgery another infared image is taken and compared so the eye can be precisely aligned. This plus tracking on the pupil together ensure perfect spot placement and ultimately better results. Better than ever before.

    Here are a few demostrations on how vision can be affected if not properly aligned.