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CK Procedure

Tired of Reading Glasses?

Procedure Custom-Made For Baby Boomer's
CK Surgery is the only vision procedure designed specifically for Baby Boomer's who want a safe, minimally invasive procedure to free them of reading glasses. More than 30,000 CK procedures have been performed since the FDA first approved it in 2002 for age-related farsightedness (hyperopia), a condition that differs from presbyopia in its effect on the eye's ability to focus, but has similar symptoms. 

CK - Conductive Keratoplasty - Surgery Procedure

Is a recently FDA approved procedure to correct small degrees of farsightedness and presbyopia.  Presbyopia is a visual problem all people experience with aging.  It is the reason people lose near vision with age, even though they maintain good distance vision.  Lasik and its cousins PRK, ALK, and RK all are designed to make eyesight better for distance viewing and don't improve near vision (PRESBYOPIA).

Many procedures to improve near vision, presbyopia, without decreasing distance vision have been devised and tried over the last ten years; but have all proved to be too risky or didn't last.

CK is the only procedure currently approved for treatment of presbyopia.

It works by releasing radio frequency waves into the cornea in a circular pattern onto the corneal periphery.  It is very safe as no tissue is removed and quite painless as the spots heal in 24 hours.  No laser is necessary.  It is highly successful because, although not guaranteed, usually does not cause a great decrease in distance vision most of the time.  Even if distance vision is compromised, it can be restored with Lasik, but this is rarely necessary.

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