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   This is the first Phackic IOL to be released as safe and effective by the FDA. It is indicated for patients of farsightedness (hyperopia) and nearsightedness (myopia) that are too extreme for Laser corneal treatment (LASIK, PRK, etc.).

   Unlike laser vision correction on the cornea which can be done in a laser suite under semi-sterile conditions, the operation is best accomplished in a hospital-surgical suite or out patient surgery center(this unfortunately, increases the cost).

   In the surgery, the eye is entered through a small wound at the junction between the cornea (clear) and sclera (white) which is 6mm in cord length.

   The lens is then implanted and inclaved into the peripheral iris ( the colored part of the eye). The wound is then sutured with tiny stitches that non-irritating after 3 or 4 days. The operation is done with local injection anesthesia.

   Since the eye is entered for the surgery there is a slight risk of infection, hemorrhage or dislocation.
The risk is compatible to catarat surgery which is 95% - 97% successful.

   For those few patients with very extreme visual problems, the risk is usually acceptable for such a severe handicap.

   To learn more visit Schuster Eye Center . If you have been told your vision is too extreme for Lasik. This may be the answer. Call for a Free Screening today!