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IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK) -Coming Soon-

Introducing IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty™ (IEK™) for Laser-Designed, Shaped Incisions

Only IEK allows you to create customized incisions with advanced edge profiles and to establish secure grafts that require less suture tension.(1) Early clinical experience demonstrates that shaped incisions provide a smooth corneal contour immediately following surgery.(1) These profiles also preserve corneal optics, reduce induced astigmatism, and promote a more rapid restoration of functional vision—all clinical benefits that have not been possible with the manual trephine corneal cutter.

The Shape of a Better Outcome

Create Customized Incisions With Advanced Edge Profiles

Mushroom incision profile

Top-hat incision profile

Zig-zag incision profile

The mushroom-shaped incision preserves more host endothelium than the traditional trephine approach.(1)

The top-hat–shaped incision allows for the transplantation of large endothelial surfaces.(1)

The zig-zag–shaped incision provides a smooth transition between host and donor tissue and allows for a hermetic wound seal.(1)

Establish Secure Grafts, Requiring Less Suture Tension(1)

1 week after surgery

3 months after surgery

6 months after surgery

Early experience indicates that IEK incisions create less irritation, form hermetic wound seals, and produce crystal-clear corneas at 1, 3, and 6 months. In addition, all sutures were removed before 6 months vs. 1 year with standard trephine techniques.(2)

Reduce the Incidence of Induced Astigmatism

Zig-zag incision

IEK 3 months
after surgery

Trephine 1 year
after surgery

The zig-zag–shaped incision has shown a smooth corneal contour immediately after surgery, with less distortion of the corneal optics and less astigmatism.(1)

IEK result at 3 months after surgery = 0.5 diopter of astigmatism.(1)

Typical result with standard trephine-cut PKP at 1 year after surgery = 8 diopters.(1)