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Presbyopic Intraocular Lens -NEW

                                       Crystalens Intraocular Lens 

      Accommodative Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implantation is a surgical procedure to correct presbyopia. It differs from other refractive surgical procedures because it involves replacing the natural lens of the eye, not reshaping the cornea. The surgical procedure to implant an accommodative IOL is similar to cataract surgery. After numbing the eye, the surgeon removes the natural lens with gentle ultrasound and replaces it with an IOL. In standard cataract surgery, the IOL has a fixed focusing power that is set for distant vision. Without accommodative capability, the patient is unable to see close objects clearly. The accommodative IOL features a hinged design that allows the lens to move forward as the eye attempts to focus on near objects, restoring some of the accommodative function in prebyopic patients.