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VSP Vision Care
Care Credit

Baltazar "Zar" Zavala
Harvard University
Rhodes Scholarship
Hometown: El Paso, Texas

"Whether it is on the field catching a pass or in the lab looking through a microscope, Lasik has made my life much easier and hassle free."


Robert Bettes
Chief Meteorologist of KDBC 4 News
The Open House Show

When you told me I was a candidate for Lasik surgery in 1999, I opened my eyes and never looked back. Over a decade later, my vision is so good that I forget I grew up wearing glasses and contacts.

I’ll never forget walking out of the procedure and seeing downtown El Paso with my new, perfect vision for the first time.

No one can ever understand the freedom of life without glasses nor the kindness and special care of your Lasik team until one experiences the magic!

Thank you for changing my life,

Robert Bettes

Amber Sullins
Meteorologist KVIA-TV, El Paso, TX

I want to send a special thanks to Dr. Stephen Schuster and his wonderful staff at the Schuster Eye Center. The care they took before, during and after my LASIK eye surgery went above and beyond all my expectations. There was never a question unanswered or a worry unaddressed. Dr. Schuster perfectly outlined the procedure so I would know exactly what to expect at all times and constantly assured me that we would be going through this process together.

Dr. Schuster's reputation in this community is enough to get you in the door but his personal interest in each and every one of his patients is what ensures that he will always be regarded as the very best in El Paso, and even the nation, has to offer. El Paso is especially blessed to have such a world-class physician in its midst.

Thank you!
Amber Sullins

Hal Marcus

"Before my eye surgery with Dr. Schuster, I had trouble seeing distances without glasses. What I see provides constant inspiration for my work as an artist. Whether I am out and about, or sitting across the room evaluating one of my paintings, being able to see crisp, clear images any time, any place - without having to reach for glasses - is exciting and wonderful!

Dr. Schuster and his staff are great. They bring the best of professionalism and enthusiasm to serve their patients.

Thank you for a wonderful visual experience!!!"

Tuff Hedeman
Worlds Champion Bull Rider

"Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to be a bull rider. When I was 10 years old I was too clumsy. I wore thick bottle-cap glasses, I was blind as a bat! I was told to take them off. I was dependent on my contact lenses all the time -- until i heard about Lasik Laser Vision Correction."

Tuff Hedeman underwent Lasik in 2002.

"What are the odds of a kid from El Paso, Texas ending up winning four World Championships and being inducted into the Hall of Fame?"

Elodia Schuster
Spokesperson for Schuster Eye Center

"I have worked in the ophthalmology field for ten years. I am very fortunate to have seen technology advance in refractive surgery to what it is today. My decision to undergo Lasik was long overdue. I was dependent on glasses for day and nighttime driving, movies, concerts, and I was unsuccessful wearing contacts. Contacts were a struggle to put on and take off. They became more of a chore than freedom! Lasik is true freedom!"

Brian Young
Professional Football Defensive End #66 - St. Louis Rams

"The surgery was painless and quick, faster than I expected! It was easier than I anticipated; it was hassle free; I was on my feet before I realized I was down!"