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Screening Room

Screening RoomOnce you are more acquainted with the staff, our next goal is to educate you about LASIK and other refractive procedures. DVD and tape presentations describe these procedures in detail. A thorough understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, risks, and expected gains and how they relate to your particular situation are completed in this area. Ample opportunity to answer questions, again in a relaxing atmosphere, is appropriate in this location.

Our Congratu-LASIK wall photographs document the LASIK experience of many well know personalities who have undergone laser vision correction at Schuster Eye Center. Their photographs and comments tend to be reassuring to those considering surgery. Also covered at this point are the procedure costs and financing options, which will help you, understand the expenses involved. We’re happy to discuss our costs including the laser, and value, which we place on pre and post-operative care, and the expertise of our staff, all of which are included in the overall LASIK experience.

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