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Welcome to clearer vision with iLASIK!

If you wear contacts or glasses, then you are more than familiar with the challenges of less-than-perfect eyesight. If messy solutions, broken frames, and lost contacts are interfering with your life, then LASIK surgery may be for you. Please explore our site, and contact us if you would like additional information.

Laser Vision Correction

Schuster Eye Center is always at the cutting edge of the technology that can improve your vision, and we adhere to the valuable axxiom:

Do unto others, as you would have others do to you.

"I wouldn't use a technique or a device on a patient-regardless of cost- that I wouldn't recommend for a member of my family. If the most expensive product on the market is the one that will ensure the best outcome with the least risk of complications, how could we afford not to use it?"

- Stephen A.D. Schuster, M.D.

We are committed to staying on top of the new developments in the industry so you will receive the best treatment possible.

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